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John King Landiss [Parents] was born 1 on 25 Mar 1815 in Tennessee. He died on 12 Apr 1843. He married 2 Mary A. Brown on 8 Mar 1838.

Mary A. Brown [Parents] died 1 in 1846. She married 2 John King Landiss on 8 Mar 1838.

Wilson Brown.

He had the following children:

  F i Mary A. Brown died in 1846.

John Brown.John married 1 Mary Landiss on 28 Dec 1837.

Mary Landiss [Parents] was born 1 on 29 Dec 1816 in Tennessee. She died 2 on 10 Mar 1856 in Carrollton, IL. She married 3 John Brown on 28 Dec 1837.

A photo of Mary's tombstone is posted at

They had the following children:

  M i Taylor Brown.
  M ii John Landiss Brown.
  F iii Fanny Brown.
  F iv Ann Brown.
  F v Alice Brown.
  F vi Mary Brown.

Samuel King Landiss [Parents] was born 1 on 21 Sep 1817 in Indiana. He died 2 in Jul 1841. He married 3 Delilah Deneen on 14 Jan 1841 in Illinois.

Delilah Deneen.Delilah married 1 Samuel King Landiss on 14 Jan 1841 in Illinois.

William Speaks.William married 1 Catherine Landiss on 5 Jun 1845 in Illinois.

Catherine Landiss [Parents] was born 1 on 20 Dec 1822 in Indiana. She died on 13 Aug 1876 in Salina, KS. She married 2 William Speaks on 5 Jun 1845 in Illinois.

John Landers , Jr. [Parents] was born 1 in 1739. He died 2 in May 1825 in Granville County, NC. He married 3, 4 Mary Paris on 1 Nov 1765 in Granville County, NC.

Listed as John Landres Jr. in Captain Andrew Hampton's company, Col.William Eaton's militia regiment, Granville County NC, 8 Oct 1754.


Connie Marie McCasland suggests he was born abt. 1737 and was married toMary Parrish abt. 1765 in Granville County, NC.


One transcript of the Granville County Marriage Records say at John andMary's wedding on 1 Nov. 1768, Jacob Slaughter was bondsman and SamuelBenton and Heinrich B- - - (German signature) were witnesses. CarrollHayden also uses the 1768 date.


John Landers entered (title for) 50 acres in Granville County, 1778; and40 acres on Tar River, 1779.


From the "Record of Wills" books 10, 15 and 16:

John Landers wills to wife Mary all land whereon I now live, stock,furniture for her lifetime or widowhood and, at her death or remarriage,all to be sold and divided to son William, son John, son Henry, sonGeorge Landers, each 1/4 and 1/4 to children of David Landers, namelyJinsey and Elvey Landers. Executors wife Mary, Thomas Jones, IsaacSlaughter. Witnesses Daniel Gooch, Sr. Thomas Gooch. Will dated 8November 1824, signed John Landess his X mark and Mary Landers her Xmark. Proved in Court May 1825. The inventory and sale of estate, whichbrought about $97, was recorded on 11 June 1825.

(How many fourths one can fit into a whole is left to our imagination!)

From Roger Rice Landers:

DOB: About 1738. The NSDAR Record Copy of Application # 704327 by MaryCuzzort Clipp for John Landis (dated Oct 1984) shows the DOB of John(Landis) Landers to be abt. 1720. This is believed to be an error forthe following reasons:

1. The date of death is shown as 1825 (NSDAR # 704327). If this is true,John Landers was 105 years old at the time of his death. While this ispossible, it is not probable.

2. John Landers was the son of John Landers and Frances. The will ofFrances Landress (Landers) list the following children: John, Abraham,Joseph, Jacob and daughters Mary and Betty, NC Archives, Granville CountyWills, Box 044.801.24, 5 June 1769.

3. John Landers and Frances Landers are major purchasers of personalproperty at the Estate Sale of John Landers, as was Andrew Hampton,recorded in Granville County Court September 1757 (Estate Records of JohnLanders, NC Archives, Granville County Estate Records Box 44.508.109,John Landers 1757).

4. The Muster Roll of the Regiment in Granville County, under the Commandof Col. William Eaton, 8 October 1754, Captain Andrew Hampton’s Companylist the following: John Landres, Sergeant; John Landres, Junr. (StateRecords of North Carolina, Vol. XXII, page 370, 379-380)

5. John Landers, Jr's age is estimated as follows: In 1754 John Landers,Jr. was in the militia. In order to serve he had to be at least sixteenyears old (The Source by Szucs and Luebking, page 209-210). 1754-16=1739.

DOD: Before May 1825; Will of John Landers 8 November 1824, Inventory 11June 1825, recorded in May Court 1825.


Wife: Mary Paris: DOB: abt 1730-40 (NSDAR # 704327)
DOD: aft. 1830 (NSDAR # 704327)
Marriage: Marriage Bond Granville County, NC, 1 November 1765


REFERENCE to Ancestor's Revolutionary War Service: NSDAR # 704327; StateRecords of North Carolina Vol. XXII, page 178-179. List of Persons whotook the Oath of Allegiance to the State in County Line District, listedas John Sanders.


LAND owned by John Landers (Jr). In 1757 John Landers inherited(?) fromhis father 238 acres on both sides of the Tar River. In 1779 John Landishobtained a grant of land containing 48 acres on the Tar River (Grant #164, Book40, p.221). In 1782 he sold 146 acres to John Potter (GranvilleCo. NC Deed Bk. O p. 193. (Note: the land described in this deed isidentical to a portion of the land purchased by John Sr. on the northside of the Tar River).

On the remaining land, 140 acres was taxed consistently to John Landersuntil 1822. The 140 acres was in the possession of Mary Landers in theTar River district as of 1825 (Granville Co. NC Tax List for 1825).George Landers was listed next to Mary and was not taxed for any land.George Landers sold his 1/5 share of his fathers estate to Nicholas Jones31 Oct 1826 (Granville Co. Deed Bk. 6 p. 132).


There was another John Landers living in the lower part of BedfordCounty, TN, at about this same time ("our" John was in the northernpart). He married Susannah Harmon, and one son is known as Henry HarmonLanders, brother of Christopher Landers/Landis. This family is mentionedoften in the Compendium of American Genealogy.

Mary Paris was born in 1740. She died 1 on 1 Apr 1828 in Crawford County, IN. She married 2, 3 John Landers , Jr. on 1 Nov 1765 in Granville County, NC.

Some feel that Mary Paris died after 1830. DAR Application #704327indicates that she was the "female over 90" listed in the 1830 CrawfordCounty, IN census (living in the home of William Landers).

They had the following children:

  M i David Landers died in 1812.
  M ii William Landiss was born in 1769. He died in 1850.
  M iii John Landers III was born in 1770.
  M iv Henry Landers was born in 1775. He died on 8 Sep 1823.
  M v George T. Landis was born in Jun 1780. He died on 31 Aug 1856.

William Lenhardt [Parents] was born in Alton, IL. He died in Alton, IL. He married Mary Hack.

Mary Hack.Mary married William Lenhardt.

They had the following children:

  F i Laura Lenhardt.
  M ii Harry Lenhardt.
  F iii Matilda Lenhardt.
  F iv Pauline Lenhardt.
  F v Emma Lenhardt.
  F vi Ella Lenhardt.
  M vii Carl Lenhardt.

Henry Lenhardt [Parents] was born 1 on 4 Jun in Alton, IL. He died 2 in Alton, IL. He married Amelia Hugo.

Amelia Hugo [Parents] 1 was born 2 in Grafton, IL. She married Henry Lenhardt.

Also spelled "Amelia".

They had the following children:

  M i Franklin L. Lenhardt.
  F ii Margaret Lenhardt.
  F iii Irene Lenhardt.
  F iv Hilda Wilhelmina Lenhardt was born on 25 Feb 1896. She died in Aug 1982.
  M v Henry Russell Lenhardt.

Harry Lenhardt [Parents].Harry married Emily Seibold.

Emily Seibold.Emily married Harry Lenhardt.

They had the following children:

  M i Paul F. Lenhardt died on 22 Jul 1952.
  M ii Robert Theodore Lenhardt.

Theodore Hermeling.Theodore married Matilda Lenhardt.

Matilda Lenhardt [Parents].Matilda married Theodore Hermeling.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Elizabeth Hermeling.
  F ii Dorothy Hermeling.
  M iii Allen Hermeling.
  F iv Wilma Hermeling.

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