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These additional Czech photographs are presented in higher resolution, and thus larger file sizes, than those on the main photo page - several are over 100 kB. They will take much longer to download and view. The sizes have been adjusted so that the height will not exceed 600 pixels and the width will not exceed 800 pixels.

If you see images in which sharp edges are surrounded by compression artifacts (narrow waves or ripples in the background sky around a spire, for example), you may be downloading from an ISP who compresses images further before they are sent. The new Compuserve 2000 service does this as a default, for example. In CS2000, at least, you can choose to receive higher quality images by selecting the "Access" menu, "Preferences", "WWW", "Web Graphics", and UN-click "Use compressed graphics". Your Web browser may differ slightly. Now load one of the photos again - you will see the difference!

The comments are often heard, "Your pictures are too dark", "Your pictures are too bright", "Your pictures have too much color (saturation)", and so on. I try to adjust those parameters so the scene presents the impression I am trying to create. For reference, I have included a sample image prepared by Kodak, who knows as much about photographic reproduction as anybody else. To my eye it has too much contrast and color saturation, but your opinion may vary. If you adjust your monitor so Kodak's sample is just a bit too rich, mine should look about right.

Help stamp out 8-bit color!

Prazský hrad - Prague Castle dominates the skyline from several vantage points. Founded in the ninth century, this symbol of the city provides captivating views from any angle, day or night.

castle2.jpg - the classic view
castle3.jpg - Prague Castle rises above the city rooftops
castle4.jpg - St. George Basilica seen from the top of St. Vitus
castle5.jpg - a small back street behind St. George Basilica
castle6.jpg - the new uniform of the castle guards
castle7.jpg - Prague Castle at night
castle8.jpg - rising over a narrow street at night
hradmap1.jpg - map of Prague Castle
hradphoto2.jpg - aerial photo matches above map
st-vitus1.jpg - St. Vitus cathedral in the Castle courtyard

Staromestské námestí - Prague's Old Town Square features several historic buildings still in daily use, including the Old Town Hall (1338), Týn Church (ca. 1350), and the House at the Stone Bell (ca. 1225).

staromestske-nam1.jpg - Staromestské námestí
staromestske-nam2.jpg - Staromestské námestí from the top of the Old Town Hall
staromestske-nam3.jpg - featuring the Týn Church and the House of the Stone Bell
staromestske-nam4.jpg - as above, including the Jan Hus statue
tyn1.jpg - the Týn Church and the House of the Stone Bell

Karlüv most - Construction of the Charles Bridge was begun in 1357. It replaced an earlier stone bridge, and a wooden bridge from 1118. A national cultural monument,it connects the Old Town with the New Town.

bridge4.jpg - the Malá Strana end of the bridge
night-bridge.jpg - from Charles Bridge at night

Narrow streets abound in Prague, winding up and down the hills. Following one around a hidden corner may provide a spectacular view.

narrow-street3.jpg - narrow street leading to the Castle

Rooftops in Prague are usually made of red tile. As the city grew through the ages, the different angles, heights, and shades of color created interesting patterns.

novy-svet1.jpg - the rooftops and narrow streets of Nový Svet
novy-svet2.jpg - the rooftops and narrow streets of Nový Svet
novy-svet3.jpg - the rooftops and narrow streets of Nový Svet
rooftops1.jpg - from the Old Town Hall in Staromestské námestí
rooftops3.jpg - from the Old Town Hall in Staromestské námestí

Spires - The City of a Thousand Spires has had over 1000 years to erect them, and the skyline never fails to please.

spires1.jpg - a view of the Prague skyline
spires2.jpg - above the castle courtyards

Interiors - Hidden inside old buuildings, whose outsides may be drab or may have been updated to newer styles, reminders of other ages can be found.

gothic-cellar.jpg - Gothic cellar under the house of the Lords of Podebrady
st-jacob1.jpg - inside St. Jacob cathedral
st-jacob2.jpg - inside St. Jacob cathedral
strahov1.jpg - Strahov Monastery library
vaclav.jpg - inside St. Vitus cathedral

Velvet Revolution - In 1989 the Czechs overthrew 41 years of Communism without firing a shot, and elected playwright and political dissident Vaclav Havel as their new president.

candles 2
candles 3 - lighting candles is a traditional way to honor the fallen
posters1.jpg - "Havel to the Castle" posters in a Metro station
velvet-revolution1.jpg - memorials to those who gave their lives opposing Communism
velvet-revolution2.jpg - "Havel to the Castle" posters on St. Wenceslaus' statue

Miscellaneous - what else?

cemetery1.jpg - the Old Jewish Cemetery (ca. 1475)
cemetery2.jpg - the Old Jewish Cemetery, winter
crystal1.jpg - fine Bohemian crystal goblets and chandeliers
shield.gif - the Czech official emblem
czmap.jpg - Czech Republic map
medvidekpu.jpg - Winnie-the-Poo in a Czech bookstore
metro.gif - map of the Prague Metro system
tatras1.jpg - Tatra mountains (in Slovakia)
trabarrari2.jpg - contrast in automotive elegance
upavouka.jpg - passageway to "At the Spider" wine restaurant

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