Teaching Issues

These are links to sites with added information or ideas regarding some teaching or educational issues. Please send your ideas for additional links to me at the address below. If your information exists only in written form, I will scan it for you and subject it to OCR if it is not too long!

Academe today - the Chronicle on the Web
"Academic free speech doesn't seem to exist without job security" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 15 Mar 00
"Accountability is more than test scores" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 15 Mar 00
"AI policy for students"
"Alexander Calandra" - Saturday Review
Assessment and standards - a collection from the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory
"Big chill on campus free speech"
"Business can help schools do their job" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4 Jan 99
Center for teaching excellence - at St. Louis U
College commentary - a set of eight essays
Continuous Quality Circles - the right way to improve education?
"Disorder in the schools" - Newsweek, 13 Apr 98
"Forget self-esteem; set high educational standards" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4 Jan 99
Grade inflation - Illinois State University
"How did poor study habits net stellar grades?" - CNN
"If I Wanted to Study, I Would Have Gone to a Real College" - NEA journal
"Making the grade" - Newsweek, 17 Jun 96
"Merchants of Mediocrity" - Newsweek, 1 Aug 94
Missouri DESE - yes, we are "secondary education"
NEAToday - issues and discussions
Plagiarism and anti-plagiarism
"Raising the bar" - Newsweek, 31 Aug 98
Society for a return to academic standards
"Striking a healthy balance" - Newsweek, 10 Aug 98
"Students slack off but still get top grades" - US News & World Report
"Teachers face pressure to boost grades" - Salt Lake Tribune
Teaching in higher education - resources at St. Louis U
"University professors get outsourced" - The New Republic, 7 Dec 98
"The V -- as in Verbal -- Thing" - PC Week, 7 June 99
"Wanted: Well-read Techies" - Time, 17 May 1999
"The wastage in education" - Newsweek, 10 Aug 98
"We fail our students when we don't challenge them" - Post-Dispatch, 2 Nov 99
"What do the faculty think?" - from the AAUP
"What to expect your first year of teaching" - from your friendly government
"When 'A' stands for average" - Link magazine, Apr/May 95
"Where's common sense in education" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 21 Feb 99
"Why teachers don't teach" - US News & World Report

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